SN-860 ORBITA Cabinet Locker

RFID Electronic cabinet door lock


  • Stand alone no card encoder and software involved or optional software control function
  • Program all keys on the lock directly
  • Master keys to unlock all locks
  • External power pack to supply power when the batteries are dead
  • Cabinet door will open automatically after reading valid key


  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Battery: 6V / 4AA Alkaline
  • Cylinder: Standard single latch
  • Low Voltage Alarm: 4.8V, still can open about 100 times
  • Card Chip Type: 125khz or 13.56MHZ M1 Chip
  • Card Type: Key Tag,Wristband PVC or Silicone
  • Application: Water park , gym , spa, school , hotel , home , hospital


  • Different Work Mode
    1.Standard Mode: ID or M1ID Chip Card
    Program guest keys on lock directly in advance. After unlocking, it will lock itself (latch gets out) automatically.
    2.Customized Mode:Software Mode( M1 Chip Card)
    Use Orbita lock software and encoder to program cabinet,issue guest keys to unlock.